Mountain Bike Clinics


Our mountain bike clinics are lessons focused on learning or improving specific skills. All of our mountain bike clinics start off with learning and practicing skills in an open grassy area. Then clinic groups will usually head out to the trails to put new and improved skills to use in typical trail riding scenarios. Clinics can be a fun and super powerful way for beginners to learn important basic skills and for advanced riders to drastically improve their riding through skill improvement.

Think of riding as a tree of skills. Most of us learned how to mountain bike through trial and error as kids or later into adulthood. As we learned though, we had a mixture of mentors and luck helping along the way. For most of us, we ended up getting skills in bits and pieces, slowly over time. And for most of us, this has created a variety of skill trees. Some trees are highly lopsided towards one area, or some trees may be missing basic branches leading to finer twigs. Clinics can help you build up those roots and branches to create a strong foundation with which all the advanced skills grow upon.

Our clinics are organized progressively, to provide the right experience for everyone, from that first time mountain biker to the 40 year singletrack veteran. We’ll tailor the clinic and teach skills based on each group and individuals’ experience level, wants, and needs.

For all mountain bike clinics and tours, either bring your own mountain bike or rent a mountain bike from Arrowhead Bike Farm. All clinics conclude with a beverage of your choice at The Handle Bar + Kitchen.